Support & Prevention of Colds and Flu

Girl SneezingHelp avoid colds and flu this season by taking some simple precautions and giving your immune system a boost. Flu and colds are caused by viruses rather than germs so minimize contact as much as it’s practical to do so. Wash up often. Cough or sneeze into you elbow instead of your hand, avoid touching your face, get regular exercise, refrain from sugar and sugary snacks, stay hydrated with water and herbal teas, eat lots fresh organic fruits and vegetables and don’t forget the garlic.

If you catch a cold stay hydrated. Chicken soup and nourishing vegetable soups can relieve symptoms of upper respiratory infection and sooth sore throats. Hot drinks and honey can relieve irritation and help fight infection. Try adding lemon or lime and a little ginger to boost its effectiveness. Herbs like ginseng and ginger have been found to cut the severity of cold symptom as much as 50%. For sore throats and coughs, horehound, licorice and slippery elm are time-tested ingredients with proven results.

Last but not least consider boosting your immune system with a pure, single source supplement like Aloe Ferox Whole Leaf Caps.

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