Natural Detox

Detox massageToxins accumulate in the body and can cause all sorts of problems. The good news is that an effective natural detox may be easier than you think. The most important component is diet but you don’t necessarily have to resort to extreme measures.

Take a look at your grocery list and try to stick to organic produce when you can and when you can’t, avoid the worst offenders like the most polluted  fruits and veg spelled out on the Dirty Dozen list. You should purchase strictly organic with certain foods like apples, spinach, grapes, potatoes, strawberries and tomatoes, for example. Eating cleaner will help you rid your body of toxins and avoid accumulating more.

Drink more water. Make sure it is fresh, clean water that hasn’t been stored in plastic. It can have a dramatic effect on your system. The rule of thumb is divide your weight in half and convert that to ounces. That’s how much water you need to drink. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to cleanse your body and contribute to better respiratory, circulatory, digestive and organ health.

The third component is massage. A registered massage therapist can work deeply into your muscle tissue and the pressure points where toxins tend to accumulate. If massage is not in your budget, consider dry brushing which you can do yourself and has many of the same benefits. A dry-brush set can be had for about 20 dollars and there are lots of how-to videos and instruction free on line.

Last but not last consider the detoxifying benefits of a natural supplement like Aloe Ferox Whole Leaf Caps with no additives, preservatives or chemical added ever!

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