“Aloe Ferox worked wonders on a stomach bug.
Within 15 min I had relief where nothing else could.”
Sharon Reese, Los Angeles, CA

King of Aloes

Aloe Ferox is a very potent and rare superfood.

Aloe Ferox is a superplant; a powerful natural remedy backed by modern science. It contains 22 times the nutrients of Aloe Vera, with over 130 biologically active compounds including many vital nutrients that support, strengthen, and repair our bodies. This miraculous member of the Aloe family is a native plant of the Cape in South Africa, used as an effective local treatment for hundreds of years. In fact, in the 1600’s it was one of the country’s first exports.

Our caps consist of 100% fresh, pure Aloe Ferox Leaf Powder prepared with meticulous care with no fillers, binders, artificial chemicals, or preservatives; packaged in superior Miron Violet Glass containers to preserve and protect potency.

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