Managing Your Weight

Weight managementWeight loss and weight maintenance are two halves of a whole regimen.

The seesaw of repeated loss and gain can be very unhealthy. Some studies suggest that this weight cycling can cause health risks including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and gallbladder disease. At the very least these ups and downs can stress your self-confidence and your wardrobe. 

Once you lose, you need to sustain that loss with whatever works best for you. Find the proper balance of calories/points/nutrition and daily exercise. It should include lots of water (not stored in plastic) and fresh fruits and vegetables. Consider a support group. Go vegan for a day or 2 a week. Consider fasting 10-12 hours a day. Up your exercise. If the gym and aerobics are not your preference, consider a long daily walk.  

There are many healthy plans to choose from. Pick one that will work for the long haul, that will realistically fit how you want to live your life to increase the quality of that life.  

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