Social Distancing? No Problem!

Being cooped up in your home makes it difficult to replicate your daily routine such as, going to the gym, taking a walk in the park, going out with friends, and even eating properly! There are a lot of changes we have to adjust to currently, and it’s going to take a little extra effort, but with a few helpful tips you can dominate your routine just like any other day!

If you’re having trouble with working remotely, here are a few tips from PCMag on how to adjust to your new lifestyle:

  1. Set a Schedule - Ensure you have a clear balance between your work and home life. Now that they operate under the same roof it can be challenging to differentiate between the two. Resist the urge to grab your laptop and park yourself on the couch. Having a desk set up at home will help you mentally remove yourself from comfort, and keep your mind business driven.
  2. Create a Morning Routine - Just because you’re working from home does not mean this is vacation time. You should stick to a similar routine you had when you still had a morning commute. Take the time to make your bed in the morning, or grab yourself a cup of coffee, or even change into clothing at least halfway to what you might wear to the office. The process of getting yourself physically ready, will help you mentally transition into your workday.
  3. Take a Break and Take it Fully - This tip seems trivial, but it’s another important part of your work routine, so it should be an important part of working remotely as well! There may be outside factors at your home that can affect your break time (such as service people coming to your door or taking care of a pet), but before you head back to work take a moment to center yourself and switch fully from break to business.

If your trouble stems from lack of gymtime and movement, we’ve got you covered! House Beautiful lists 10 FREE opportunities for you to continue your workout regimen from the comfort of your own home such as:

  1. Barry’s Bootcamp - Now offering free 20-minute fitness classes via Instagram. They’re run twice a day and no equipment is needed!
  2. Corepower Yoga - Now open to non-members, Corepower Yoga On Demand is offering 60-minute yoga and meditation classes on their website.
  3. Planet Fitness - Every day at 7 PM, a Planet Fitness trainer will take you through a 30-minute workout via Facebook Live.

There are tons of other ways to keep your energy up while stuck at home. Our advice? Try immunologic Aloe Ferox Whole Leaf caps. With no fillers, binders or preservatives, Aloe Ferox will:

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Amidst all the uncertainties and mayhem, take the time to take care of yourself so you can care for those you love. And remember to stay safe, and stay healthy.

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