Protect Yourself This Flu Season

You heard us, we are smack dab in the middle of flu season and it is no joke! There are plenty of ways to protect yourself from the notorious virus, the first being - get your flu shot! However, even if you have already received your flu shot, there is still a risk you might contract the virus. To ensure your health through this winter season, you can take extra precautions against the flu such as:

  • Practice good hygiene: Be sure you are washing your hands frequently throughout the day. Additionally, make sure to wipe down your home, devices, doorknobs, personal space, and anything else you may have come into contact with.
  • Exercise: The more you exercise, the less chance you have of falling ill. Seriously, the more aerobic exercise you incorporate into your daily life, the better your body will be able to fight off harmful illnesses.  
  • Load up on vitamins: It can be challenging trying to find the right fruits and veggies to cook for yourself. On top of that, how do you know if they have the nutrients you need?

For more helpful tips on how to improve your health during flu season, check out this article from 

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