Protect Yourself so You Can Enjoy the Summer Sun

Summer is almost here, and the sun is starting to heat up!

Time for outdoor runs, long days on the beach, and barbeques. With all this exposure to the sun, make sure you are protecting your skin. Be sure you are diligent about applying sunscreen. It is recommended that you shield your skin with SPF 30 or higher.

However, if you do get sunburned here are some tips.

  1. Act Fast to Cool it Down- take a cool bath or dip into a cool pool to cool your skin down. The sooner the better. After cooling off, cover up and avoid the sun.
  2. Moisturize While Your Skin is Damp- Avoid harsh soaps such as those that are scented and make sure you re-moisturize your skin with scent-free lotion or aloe. Wear loose clothing for comfort.
  3. Replenish Your Fluids- Burns take the fluids out of the surface of your skin and the rest of your body. Make sure you drink extra water to replenish electrolytes and avoid dehydration.
  4. See a Doctor- Your sunburn should heal on its own but if blistering gets severe or the sunburn leads to a fever and chills, wooziness, or confusion, time to get it looked at.

Stay protected this summer. Sunburns are no joke! To learn more about sunburn care click here. Also, be sure to learn more about how Aloe-Ferox can help your summer skin.

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