Essential Enzymes

If your diet is not based solely on fresh, raw, or juiced foods, odds are you need extra enzymes to keep your immune system working properly. If you're not ready to make the switch to completely fresh, raw, or juiced foods try adding Aloe Ferox to your diet.

A study done by Dr. Edward Howell in 1932 found that these types of foods (fresh, raw, or juiced) contain their own enzymes and make nutrients available to cells. This allows the body to undergo the process of “self-digestion,” the best way for the human body to process food. However, it seems our modern day diet of cooked food actually leads to depleted enzymes, making the food we eat harder for our bodies to digest.

While a fresh, raw, or juiced diet may not sound all that appetizing to you, there are a few food choices you can find at your local grocery store that fit the bill when it comes to aiding your body in self-digestion. Salad, raw nuts, raw seeds, raw vegetables, fruits, and raw oils such as flax and coconut are all viable choices.

But you may be one that will never be able to give up those hard to digest foods like milk, cheese, broccoli, grains, or beans. If that is the case, a digestive enzyme supplement may be your solution.

Aloe Ferox Whole Leaf supplement is designed to specifically work to support immune function, particularly in the digestive tract. If you find it hard to give up those difficult to digest foods Aloe Ferox is your solution.

Try just 1-2 capsules a day and see the difference Aloe Ferox can make for you!

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