Happy Holidays, Happy Hormones

What if your happiness depends on your hormones? Interestingly enough, your hormones are affected by the food you eat, so the saying “you are what you eat” deserves more credit than it’s given.

Foods like beef, chicken, turkey, pork, soy, and dairy contain xenoestrogens that block hormone receptors and stop the metabolism of your own estrogens, progesterone, adrenaline, testosterone, and thyroxin. This can cause a hormone imbalance.

During the holidays, which are packed full of eating drinking, and being merry, these types of foods are often consumed. In addition to the hormone stress from these food choices, we’re also dealing with the natural stress that comes from buying presents, hosting families, and preparing holiday meals. The xenoestrogen impact combined with the natural stress can lead to a holiday hormone disaster.

If you’re in need of a hormone clean up and cheer up after the holidays, try balancing yourself out with immunologic Aloe Ferox. It contains amino acids used to make hormones. You can event get additional benefits from taking Aloe Ferox such as immune support and bowel detoxification. Combine Aloe Ferox with clean proteins like nuts, beans, organic chicken or eggs, and quinoa to keep your hormones happy!

Try getting your Aloe Ferox fix before hand to help erase that holiday stress before it even starts! Remember, happy hormones makes for a happy you, which makes for a Happy Holiday!

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