Aloe Ferox Toxicology

Aloe Ferox is know for it’s ability to help relieve hard-to-pass waste, or let’s just call it as it is, uncomfortable constipation. While the subject itself is just as uncomfortable, constipation can affect anyone and can also lead to other more serious health problems - so it is important to be in the know on ways to treat this common problem.

A study done at the University of Fort Hare in May 2010 used Aloe Ferox to perform a toxicological evaluation on constipated rats. The rats who were untreated by Aloe Ferox showed an increased lymphocyte count and the evidence from the overall study came to the conclusion that Aloe Ferox may indeed be safe as an oral remedy for constipation. The results even favored Aloe Ferox over senokot, a recommended drug for the treatment of constipation.

If you are looking for something to treat your problem, give this superplant a try. Aloe Ferox is prepared with no fillers, binders, artificial chemicals, or preservatives.

For a more detailed account of the 2010 study visit:

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