You're Not Alone

If you haven’t heard of Aloe Ferox, you’re not alone. Just about everyone in the U.S. is familiar with Aloe Vera, but not its superhero cousin. Aloe Ferox is a super-plant indigenous to the Cape of South Africa, a giant of its species that contains over 130 biologically active compounds and 22 times the nutrients (aloin) found in its more common relative. While still relatively unknown in the United States, Aloe Ferox has been used by South Africans for centuries and is listed (in the 1600’s) as one of that country‘s first exports. During the aftermath of World War II it was exported to Japan to help treat people with radiation burns. Today Aloe Ferox is shipped worldwide with China representing its largest market.

Okay, so it seems like Aloe Ferox has been around for a while, but what’s it for? Aloe Ferox is a powerful natural remedy. It is principally used as an effective laxative, an anti-inflammatory and/or detoxification agent. Aloe Ferox Caps from immunologic represent the benefits of the natural whole leaf with no additives or preservatives, packaged in Miron violet glass to optimize potency.

Even if Aloe Ferox isn’t a household word, people insist that it can do your household a world of good. Discover it for yourself!

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