Finding Your Balance

Your pH balance controls the levels of acid in your blood. Your body needs the proper balance to function accordingly. Your pH levels are measured from acid and alkaline levels. Too much acidity will cause your pH levels to decrease and a rise in alkaline will increase your pH levels.     

Low Energy 

Feeling fatigued more often than usual? Excessive acidity may be the reason why. Too much acid in the body can make it harder to absorb the minerals your body needs.

Tips to help balance your energy levels this summer:

  •  Stay hydrated – Pickup a reusable water bottle and fill it 6 times per day.
  •  Eat healthier foods – Try making a poke bowl or turkey burgers.
  •  Exercise regularly – Swim with a friend or do yoga on hot summer days!


Consuming too much acid in your daily diet can cause your stomach to feel off. Foods that contain too much acid can bring about acid reflux or other stomach issues. 

Avoid high in acid foods:

  • High-sodium foods 
  • Seafood
  • Cheese
  • Soda and seltzers 

Improving Your pH Balance  

Improving your pH balance doesn’t have to be hard. Try implementing a plant-based diet into your routine and taking a supplement that supports and helps hold a normal pH balance.

Aloe Ferox Whole Leaf Caps can help balance your pH levels and provide you with the nutrients your body needs. Just three capsules a day can help you find the balance within.  

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