Miron Glass Containers

You know that the supplements you take matter. They should contain healthy and nourishing ingredients. However, did you know the container they come in also matters? It’s true. If supplements are kept in brown, blue, or green plastic containers, or even clear glass, their effectiveness will be lessened. Aloe Ferox Whole Leaf Capsules are placed in Miron Violet glass containers to ensure that the supplements remain at their best quality level.

What makes violet glass containers different? Well, they ensure maximum supplement performance over years of storage. Violet glass containers offer supplement protection from light. Visible light exposure, which most supplement containers cannot avoid, reduce a supplement’s ability for results.

When comparing a seven month shelf life to a two year shelf life a miron violet glass container, they both are still 98% fresh. Standard plastic and clear glass bottles, however, are mostly oxidized and spoiled after seven months. After two years, they are completely oxidized and spoiled.

Aloe Ferox whole leaf capsules care about providing the best possible supplements with the best results, which is why we use miron violet glass. Longer freshness means less money over time for better results!

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