Nature’s Own Antimicrobial

Cold season is in full swing. Fight those infections and microbes that stress our immune function with nature’s most potent antimicrobial, Immunologic Aloe Ferox.

You might be asking yourself, “Why do I need an antimicrobial, and how can Immunologic Aloe Ferox help?”

Here’s the thing - each Immunologic Aloe Ferox capsule is packed with 130 active nutrients that not only target infection, but heighten immunity. This is a proactive approach, prepping your body for a victorious fight should illness invade.

Immunologic Aloe Ferox contains 22x the nutrients in the highly regarded aloe vera plant. Immunologic Aloe Ferox is extremely effective in resolving candida, also known as thrush, a common yeast overgrowth on the mucous membranes that can cause a long list of issues and symptoms, yet often goes undiscovered.  

Supercharge your immune system with a supplement that is 100% natural with the South African Health Miracle, Immunologic Aloe Ferox.

Benefits of Immunologic Aloe Ferox as an antimicrobial:

  • Potent natural antimicrobial
  • Effectively resolves candida or thrush (commonly called yeast infections)
  • Clears parasites and other pathogens from the body so you can feel your best
  • Supports immune function, particularly in the digestive tract
  • Is an exceptional natural anti-inflammatory
  • Speeds wound and burn healing
  • Provides outstanding support for inflammation of the digestive tract
  • Supports immune function, particularly in the digestive tract where 70% of the body’s immune action occurs
  • Acts as a natural multivitamin and nourishes your body’s natural defenses with 130 biologically active compounds

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